Bauhaus& | Modern textiles in the Netherlands
25 05 2019

2019 marks 100 years since the Bauhaus, a progressive school for art, architecture and design, was founded in Germany. A century on, the school’s ideas and teaching methods continue to resonate around the world. The modern and idealistic design philosophy also left its mark on Dutch textiles. The exhibition Bauhaus& | Modern Textiles in the Netherlands, at the TextielMuseum in Tilburg, highlights the influence of the Bauhaus on Dutch textile design and traces its history from past to present. A handful of Bauhäusler, including Lisbeth Oestreicher, graduated from the Bauhaus’ weaving workshop in Dessau and came to work the Netherlands. They inspired subsequent generations of textile designers and artists. This exhibition also focuses on four contemporary artists, whom the TextielMuseum commissioned to make new work that reflects on the heritage of the famous school.

May 25 till November 3, 2019
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Maria Austria 1915 – 1975
17 10 2018

Eine Amsterdamer Fotografin des Neorealismus

The recently ended exhibition about Maria Austria in the Jewish Historical Museum travels to Berlin. From October 18, 2018 to March 10, 2019, the exhibition can be seen at Das Verborgene Museum. The opening will take place on Wednesday 17 October at 7 p.m.

Das Verborgene Museum ❐

Maria Austria | Living for photography
26 01 2018

From 26 January to 2 September 2018, an exhibition about the famous Amsterdam-Jewish photographer Maria Austria (1915-1975) is displayed in the Jewish Historical Museum. It's the first time her comprehensive and versatile oeuvre from the 1930s to 1975 is shown in reciprocal context.

In earlier exhibitions in 1989 and 2001, the museum showed the innovative and splendid theater photography of Austria and pictures of reconstruction. Now, a more complete picture of her photography is presented, with many unknown and rediscovered work, including portraits and reportage photography. Very impressive is a series of 150 pictures from the Achterhuis, made in 1954 on behalf of Otto Frank. This new overview of Maria Austria's work is based on research by Martien Frijns, AFdH publisher. Simultaneously with the exhibition, a very comprehensive biographical outline of her life and work appears.

Related to this exhibition, there is also a presentation in the National Holocaust Museum in development. From march 12, eleven poems from the camp diary of Felix Oestreicher will be shown.

Jewish Historical Museum ❐

Exhibition Nachher/Afterward in Bergen-Belsen
05 05 2016

From Sunday 17 April till Saturday 18 June, visitors of the Gedenkstätte Bergen-Belsen can visit the exhibition Nachher/Afterward about the poems by Felix Oestreicher. At the opening of the exhibition, Helly Oestreicher gave a speech about her father.

Read Helly Oestreicher's speech (German) ❐

11 04 2016

On the occasion of the exhibition Nothing like it, Works by Helly Oestreicher in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Bernd Wouthuysen made a short film in which Helly Oestreicher explains her working process to artist Beppe Kessler.

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Nothing like it
27 10 2015

Works by Helly Oestreicher

On Saturday 12 March 2016, the retrospective exhibition Nothing like it, Works by Helly Oestreicher will open at the Gemeentemuseum The Hague. This exhibition is inspired by Oestreicher's recent gift of eight of her works to the Gemeentemuseum. Combined with the early works already in the collection and additional pieces in the artist's own possession, the result is a generous retrospective of her oeuvre.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag ❐

16 10 2015

The bilingual edition of Naderhand/Nachher (2013, Dutch/German), camp poems by Felix Oestreicher, is now also available in English. The poems were translated by Myra Scholz.

AfDH Publishers ❐

Drillingsberichte 1937-1943
21 09 2015

160 letters written by Felix Oestreicher during 1937-1943

The father Felix Oestreicher writes to family and friends, spread over Europe and the United States, about the growing up of his three girls, Beate the oldest and the twins Helli and Maria, aged 3 and 1½ till almost 9 and 7 years old during the Nazi thread in Czechoslovakia and German occupation in Holland.
The website ru.nl/drillingsberichte is created by Jorien Hollaar, master-student of the Radboud University of Nijmegen under supervision of Prof. dr. Paul Sars.
From October 1 till November 29 2015 there is an exhibition in the University Library of the Family Oestreicher: facsimile and books, drawings of the children, photo’s (made by Maria Austria) of the triplets, and also textile works of Lisbeth Oestreicher and works of art by Helly Oestreicher.
RU – Drillingsberichte ❐

Familie Oestreicher:
Leven en werken in Nederland (1930-heden)

25 11 2014

Monday December 8, 2014, 5pm
Goethe-Institut, Herengracht 470, Amsterdam
Language: Dutch
Entrance: € 5,00 | reduction: € 3,00 | students: free
Contact: +31 (0)20 5312900 or info@amsterdam.goethe.org

The German-speaking Jewish family Oestreicher, originally from Bohemia, reflects the fortunes of European history in the 20th century. This afternoon, several family members are introduced.

Paul Sars, professor of German language and culture / Netherlands-Germany studies at the Radboud University Nijmegen, talks about the so-called Drillingsberichte, the letters doctor Felix Oestreicher (1894-1945) wrote to family and friends between 1937 and 1943 about his three daughters.

Ton Naaijkens, professor of German literature / translation studies at Utrecht University, talks about his translation of 19 camp poems that Felix Oestreicher wrote with a pencil and magnifier between March 15, 1944 and May 22, 1945 in Bergen-Belsen and Tröbitz. The poems were first published in 2013 by AFdH publishers in the bundle Naderhand/Nachher in Dutch and German.

Caroline Boot, curator art & design at the TextielMuseum Tilburg, portrays the textile artist Lisbeth Oestreicher (1902-1989), who was admitted to the textile department of the famous Bauhaus in Dessau in 1926 and graduated in 1930.

Vincent Mentzel, one of Holland's most famous photojournalists and staff photographer of NRC Handelsblad for 40 years, talks about his favorite photos of photographer Marie Oestreicher / Maria Austria (1915-1975). Mentzel was an assistant for Maria Austria between 1967 and 1969.

Helly Oestreicher (1936), visual artist in Amsterdam, talks about the life and work of her sisters Beate (1934-1997) and Maria (1936-2009).

icw AfDH Publishers and Genootschap Nederland Duitsland

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Feeling Good
04 11 2014

Art is often viewed from a proper distance. Rob Driessen selected a number of touchable objects for Rento Brattinga gallery. Besides work from the gallery's artists, furniture, ceramics and other applied artforms by a.o. Hans J. Wegner, Gerrit Rietveld, Babs Haenen, Onno Schelling and Helly Oestreicher are shown. The exhibition will open on 8 November from 4-6 pm and runs until 20 December at Rento Brattinga gallery, Laurierstraat 80 Amsterdam.

Rento Brattinga | galerie ❐

03 11 2014

On Friday 7 November at 6:30 pm, the exhibition CLAY! A century of ceramics at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie will open in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag. The exhibition focuses on the history of the ceramics department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. In a show of astonishing variety and frequent contrasts, teachers and students reveal their individual explorations of clay. It is a major retrospective featuring over 60 artists whose startling work fires the imagination and demonstrates just how thrilling ceramics can be.
The wide-ranging show will encompass architectural forms, sculptures, installations, film, autonomous and industrial design. The earliest work in the exhibition dates from 1917, when ceramics teaching had just begun. However, the main emphasis is on the post-1968 period.

Gemeentemuseum Den Haag ❐

Onderdak (1990)
03 08 2014

The installation Onderdak is made for my solo-exhibition Denkbeelden in the Jewish History Museum, Amsterdam (JHM). The black pillar-elements refer to my brick-sculptures and are drawn on brown wrapping paper with graphite-pencil. Four Glass panes are leaning against the drawing. The reflection of the viewer, passing by or standing still in front, becomes visible in the glass.
Onderdak in the JHM is a memorial site for the tragedy of the Jews. By evoking the reflections of the passers-by themselves in the sloping panes within the drawing, I hope so to create a feeling of inescapable emotional participation. Onderdak will soon be included in the collection of the JHM.
Two Memorial Lights, designed and made in 1988 for the exhibition Licht.Light in the JHM, will be added to the collection as well.

Collection JHM ❐

Personages (1984)
02 08 2014

The installation Personages is made in 1984 for the solo-exhibition Glas en Keramiek van Helly Oestreicher in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. The Personages have been shown in Amersfoort and Emmen in The Netherlands, Frankfurt am Main in Germany and in Poland in the musea of Chelm, Radom , Warschau and Wroclav. The six Personages which are still mine, will be soon included in the collection of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam which is already in possession of one Personage since 1984.

Collection Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ❐

De Anatomische Les 2014
01 08 2014

Thursday 13 november 2014 in the main hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.


Word of welcome by prof. A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan

Lex ter Braak presents the publication of ‘De menselijke gedaante’ 2014 with the work of Daniëlle van Ark, visual artist

‘Vader van de hormoonfabriek’, an audiovisual of a biography of Ernst Laqueur introduced by historiographer Dr. Peter Jan Knegtmans, the author of Geld, IJdelheid en Hormonen, the biography of Ernst Laqueur (1880-1947)

The Osiris Trio: Peter Brunt (viool), Larissa Groeneveld (cello) and Ellen Corver (piano) will perform the Pianotrio nr. 4 ‘Dumky’ in E-minor by Antonin Dvorák

‘De beestjes in de mens’, an audiovisual, put together by collaborators of het AMC and VUmc

‘Microben op de terugtocht’ the Anatomic lecture 2014, given by Martin Blaser, internal medicine and Microbiology, New York University Langone Medical Center


18 04 2013

Book presentation Naderhand/Nachher and exhibition at the city archive of Amsterdam (SAA).

Read Helly Oestreicher’s speech ❐ (Dutch)